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The Project's Purpose

ITIS is the technology division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) responsible for strengthening industry competitiveness, assisting in upgrading industry and implementing service project. ITIS stands for 'Industry & Technology Intelligence Services' and its main task is to promote these services. Part of the service sector, ITIS offers a special project pertaining to 'industrial information'. This project integrates related non-profit research organizations and systematically links up the research talents of technology leaders. ITIS also provides accurate and detailed information through in-depth analysis and study relating to the demands of the industry and government policy.

Work Sphere

There are currently 14 units cooperating on the ITIS project (including 9 non-profit research organizations). The administrative structure is shown on the diagram. The research fields can be divided into four areas of the electronics & information industry, the mechanical & metals industry, the chemical industry, and others. Research focuses on the four main areas of industry trends, leading products, company movements, and technology analysis.

Service Channels

ITIS project services are disseminated via all information channels to offer diversified choice. Permanent services include regular publications of research achievements, including survey reports, annual investigations, analytical reports and real-time reports. Moreover, ITIS cooperates with the media on a special column reporting industry information. ITIS regularly organizes seminars, lectures, symposiums, exhibitions, customer consultancy, and special subcontract research in order to build good communicative relations with customers and fulfill the task of creating information flow. In addition, the electronic database 'ITIS Net' (website address: http://www.itis.org.tw) offers direct Internet access to critical information.